Matti Naskali

my motos:-)

I have had some interest in engines and motors.
Ever since this:

1960? Mother and Peto. And me, sitting behind:-)

Peto, model 1958, same year model than the passenger. Engine Sachs, 50cc, 1.5hp. Equipped with pedals and hand gear.


If this belong to here, then where :-)


No doubt, now got the serious interest. I got this from father 168, and it was pretty much finished by 1973.
The pedals and hand gear have given way to a feet gear, sorry mother.

Solifer 4-Speed 1973 was my first "bike" I could take legally to the road.
50cc 1.5 hp light motor cycle. Mopo.
Beautiful yellow color, but no photo found so far...

Great, somebody has restored an old Solifer, exactly like mine was.

Suzuki A95 1972, I got it 1974
2-stroke engine with rotating slide valve made the filling of the engine working very well.
Carburetor cannot be seen as it is in the right end of the crankshaft.

1975 I got my leather suit. Due to lucky coincidences I have it again,
Here how Timo Naskali told the story.

Honda CB125 K5, model 1972 or -73? I had this one 1975 to 1976.
Due to bad oil or what ever the cam shaft bearing was broken. My cousin made a new one. That was an achievement. He made me feel like I did some part of the effort. Actually I just watched.


More modifications. Honda CB100 has original silencer. Anything else? Engine and rims! Most of the rest have been modified or completely home made by Mikko.
Honda CB 350 1971; the tank comes from crashed CB450. The signals on 71-model were small, these have Kawasaki lenses, but the bodies are hand made off plastic.
Find the original CB350 tank in the picture? :-)

Original Honda CB350 K2 1971 looked like this.

Moto Guzzi


Moto Guzzi V7 850GT

Is Topi interested of bikes? nooouuu, kidding.
Big brother(s) pleading guilty for Topi's later biking carrier.

This Guzzi was abandoned in a second hand car shop before found a home.

Front Fork

The fork bushings were worn light metal. New ones were made out of Nylon.
They made the fork working nice and solid, the feeling was tight fit when the bike wasn't moving, but in move they were perfect. Somebody said that Nylon absorbs 6% oil and expands a little. I think that was taken in count and the fit was perfect.


The time I needed one there was no importer in Finland. New clutch plates were found at car parts dealer Hankkija, made for Fiat 600 single plate clutch, but two of them tightly fit to Guzzi.


Front Brake

Front drum brake had four shoes and four inside turning cams, so I thought the brake would be good.
It was lousy when I got it.
Later on I was told that the brake shoes harden by the time, and new ones are needed.
New, soft brake shoes really changed Guzzi's brakes to be great.


Steering Damper

I feel sorry I don't have photo of steering damper. Connected from the lower triangle to a self attached U-bolt in the frame as there was no original fastening for a damper. Made the bike molded into the road.


My 1st Guzzi, Moto Guzzi V7 850GT, HM-779


Second Guzzi, ZM-681, same model GT850V7 1973, or 74, anyway, a year younger, purchased 1980, sold 1987.
The last bike for almost 20 years.



After a long I rode Guzzi: Moto Guzzi V11 Corsa, in from
Fukuda Motors.
Before this test drive I had 17 years not touching a motor bike.
I was afraid if it will run out off my hands, but it behaved the same as old good Guzzi I already knew. Much stronger though.

2006 March 11.

Finally a long lasting dream came true and this Guzzi V11 Sport Ballabio got a home.

2008 ~ 2010 Griso 1200 Quattro Valvole

Griso, still my dream bike.
One of the most beautiful Guzzis ever.

2010 ~ 2014

Drove a scooter for few years.
Nice to have compartment for helmet.

2014 ~ 2016

Honda NC750X also has helmet compartment.
Nice and simple bike with good frame size.