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Matti Naskali

Some product developments to remember

Insulin Pouch Warmer for Winter Activities 2019/2020

Being a product developer for a life time, and having had diabetes even longer, I got interested in creating a medical pouch, which solves the insulin carrying problem during outdoors activities in winter time.
I've got some finalized products and an Android application, so waiting for snow and frost to go skiing with my new gear. Patent application becomes public in December 2020.

Flexible Solar Charger 2012

Powerfull and simple solar charger for users with limited access to power. Published in Nokia Conversations and in a lot of media in Kenya and Nigeria. Test marketed in Africa, less than 5000 manufactured. I wonder if it really sells still today at Jumia, Kenya

Data Logging Solar Phone 2011

To get some real life solar data off the power grid a Nokia C1 based solar phone back cover was developed with integrated data solar logger by Asamalab. It was used for a summer in Utsjoki with 24 hours midsummer sunlight, in Nairobi with no shadow at noon, and in several other locations between. As C1 stand by power consumption is less than 10mW, solar phone could operate infinitely when useage was low and sun was out at least few hours daily. Published on time in Nokia Conversation 2011.

Wireless Hook Charger 2005

Hook charer provides a way to get rid of all the cables, including AC cable and USB cable. It can charge several devices in the same inductive charger. Demonstrated in 2005. Idea invented a bright Industrial Designer based on school physics
Published in several documents, e.g. WO2005041381

Fuel Cell powered headset 2004

" Nokia, fuel cell powered Bluetooth headset prototype. " Introduced in Nokia Connection 2004 conference. After using fuel cell product, it was much easier not to go with unrealistic hypes over Li-ion batteries everybody was reading in press. In my opinion fuel cell doesn't compete with battery, but every fuel cell produced needs a battery for peak power. After Japan earthquake 2011 March 11 operators set higher requirements for mobile basestation autonomous operating times, time to operate without mains power, and fuel cells were used with Nokia base stations.

Links ♪Summer in Lapland♬ Motors

30. June 2019
Matti Naskali

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