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First tour riding the bike
25.June 2006

June 24 we picked Honda CB400SuperFour from M-1.

Test ride to Yokohama just proved that it is such a big and tall bike. Doesn't look that much smaller than Guzzi V11.

25.June we hit the road to Miura peninsula. first stop at Yokosuka service area.

It would be nicer if the feet could reach the ground:-)

And a little more service at Yokosuka area. Notice Moto Guzzi cap :-)

At Kurihama we took a ferryboat over Tokyo bay...

...to Chiba, Kanaya.

About 50 minutes pleasent ship ride with cafee and nice presence of the sea.

Riding in Chiba, Road 34, 88, to Tateyama-shi, return by 127.

Video File: First tour - 6.8MB
Video in Real Player: First tour - streaming
Riding in Chiba by Honda and Moto Guzzi, 本田と本口

Google Map & Satellite:
Yokosuka Service Area
Ferry leaves from Kurihama, the harbour, 久里浜
Ferry terminal at Hamakanaya, Kanaya, 浜金谷
In Chiba where road 88 turn right to the south from road 34


Updated on 17. July 2006
By Matti Naskali