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Izu peninsula, Shimoda city. 20.&21. May 2006

463km in two days. Driving on second gear most of the time.

Last time in Izu the sky was clear and Fuji visible. Now at the same place had hardly few meters visibility.

Sometimes the roads run along river.

Girl at Gasoline Stand was very helpful.

Roads were nice, but doe to fog, or riding in a cloud, the visibility was so bad that riding speed was idling on 1st gear. Luckily under the clouds we didn't get rain, but weather was pretty fine when we Shimoda.

Beach was beautiful.

Downtown there was Admiral Perry's Black Ship festival. But this was it all. Not very big one.

Next morning I woke up early and went to rinse the bike. The dog in the house helped me.

Bike takes you so easily to the mountains. Great view. How beautiful. Next down to the city.

This is how everybody gets pictured:-)

I have no words to express these roads...

Mountain roads:-) Lovely. The tire doesn't only wear from the center

Tomei Highway from Tokyo to west
Atsuki junction south.
Odawara-Atsuki Highway.
From Odawara to Hakone Turn Pike,
Meeting point was Hakone Turn Pike View Lounge in Izu peninsula.
Road 20 south.
Road 11 west.
Road 136 south.
Road 18 west.
127 south.
411 south.
59 south.
136 south and finally east to Shimoda.

Ryokan, Japanese hotel, or this actually a bed and breakfast, minsyuku, みんしゅく
Mukai. Location


Updated on 22. May 2006
By Matti Naskali