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Trip to Mountain Fuji

2006 July 20. Mountain Fuji, 富士山

Briefing for mountain Fuji

Wednesday, 19.July 2006, 11:30 in Tokyo

Fully equipped

in the bus from Shinjuky to Kawaguchiko. Wednesday, 19. July 2006, 13:00

From Kawaguchiko (800m) to 5th station (2300m).

Wednesday, 19. July 2006, 16:20.

Just one Japanese in the bus. Our dear Project Fuji Leader. A girl from Seattle and a man from Scotland.

Yes, we took the photos by ourselves :-)

Click and see ;-)

At 5th base. 2300m from sea level.

Wednesday, 19. July 2006, 17:40.

No more rain but cloudy. Tomorrow should be better here. Lower it is still raining.

At the 5th sation.

Wednesday, 19. July 2006, 18:00.

Hotel room at 5th station.

Wednesday night. Time to get some energy.

Sleeping on futon and tatami makes good to the your back.

This will be the route. One way up, and one way down. See red arrows.

Up at the edge only about 50m, and then turn back again.

First few kilometers.

Thursday morning 20. July. 2006. Se started at 08:05.

At 08:30 the road still has asphalt cover.

Easy piece of cake. Almost flat. Though due to the thinn air, at least my breath was fast like when jogging.

20.07.2006. 09:15

Is it going to turn like that?

Thursday, 20. July. 2006. 09:35

7th station.

2700m, 20. July. 2006. 09:45

7th station. 2700m

Thursday, 20. July. 2006. 09:45

Getting steeper.

Thursday, 20. July. 2006. 09:55

My steps are getting shorter to keep synchronized to the heavy and fast breath.

Puolukka. Lingonberry

Every Finn must know puolukka, lingonberry (isn't it?).

3000 m.

At 10:40 we reached 3000 meters level.

8th station. The "new" one. 8合目. 3020 m.

At 11:20 we arrived 8th station.

At Haku-unso Hut. 白雲荘 3200m.


Old 8th station,本8合目 , in sight at 3360 m.

At 11:44 the original 8th Station was already visible.

Last proper stop, with proper food:-)

At 12:26. Is this 8th station or somewhere close, I can't find out.

Top of Japan

At 14:10.

This is it. The top of Mountain Fuji. 3700 m.

top of Japan.

Yes, we feel great :-)

Top of Japan

This you can find at the top of mountain Fuji. Come and see.

At the edge of the crater.

At 14:55 mountain was concured, joy bursted out as well as cries were consumed. Time to return. Just 50 meters at the edge and then start decending.

Sayonara Mt. Fuji.

Return trip was two times easier and two times faster. Climbing took 4000kcal, descending 2000kcal.

On the way back

At 15:55

Almost down. still 45 minutes to go.

Thursday, 20. July 2006. At 17:15

We arrived the 5th level at 18:00

Hotel Route Inn.

Bus from 5th station to Kawaguchiko. Nice, a very good hotel in 6400 JPY.

River Mouth Lake,




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山梨ニュース - 7月21日(金)15時1分
事故:富士山登山中、カナダ人死亡 /山梨

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