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Mobile Videos in 3GP and MP4 format
Kännykkävideoita - ケータイ電話ビデオ

Here are some small video clips to see in a mobile phone.

Quick Time player can play *.3gp and *.mp4 files.
Real Player PC version can open *.ram files that points to the *.3gp file. Mobile version can not.
This starts streaming immediately, without waiting for the whole file to be downloaded.

File: Guzzi Muvee.3gp - 72 kB
In Real Player: Guzzi Muvee.3gp - streaming
Moto Guzzi movee clip. モト・グッチ モベー ビデオ

File: Cateyes.3gp - 1 MB
In Real Player: Cateye.3gp - streaming
Kissan silmät ねこの目。
You probably know that cat's eye pupils get narrow in bright light and wide open in dark.
But did you know that it is not only the light, but also mental state that changes the iris.
I didn't know before I was told. I had to see it. You can see it here, too:
When a cat is relaxed pupils are narrow, when ready to attach, they are wide open, increasing the eye sensitivity.
Watch the mobile video clip above.

File: Cats & icecubes.3gp 1.5 MB
In Real Player: Cats & icecubes.3gp - streaming
Jäänpala vesikupissa. 水を中氷あります。

Aina kun mä maitoo juon. Every time I drink milk.3gp 2.6 MB
In Real Player: Every time I drink milk.3gp - streaming
Fork: www.fork.fi
Aina kun mä maitoo juon... いつも牛乳飲む時間。

File: Wadaiko.3gp 3.6 MB
In Real Player: Wadaiko.3gp - streaming
Vähän musiikkia tehtaan avajaisissa. 和太鼓。

File: BMW_suspension.mp4 - 1.8 MB
  Bemarin etupää, auto vai moottoripyörä? BMWのフロンット、車がバイックよく分かりません。

File: First ride with new riding license - 6.8MB
In Real Player: First ride with new riding license - streaming
Eka reissu.
Honda and Moto Guzzi, 本田と本口



Updated on 16.July 2006