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Bandaisan 27.~29. Oct 2006

First by two bikes trough highway to the north.
At Bandaisan it was 288km.
Then one day around Bandai mountain riding tandem, 107km.
Back home 295km.
Total 690km.

Noble Fleet has done well. Here we are having break at Nasukogen Service Area, 那須高原。

2nd and last stop at Gohyakugawa, 五百川。

At Inawashiro village Bandai san visible in the background.

These are some photos around the pension.

Clueless. And here a distant photo of me, completely unaware of the cameraman.

No need to mention, that I was cought making a trick. Sorry.

Goshikinuma swamp

At the Goshikinuma swamp area

Next morning we hit the road on Guzzi. Tandem ride.


Lake Line at UraBanDai

At Ookura-gawa, along road 70.

Here we plan to return to take this road along the river.


Ookura-gawa at road 70.

Then around lake Hibarako


Lake Akimoto, 秋元湖




Updated on 22. Jan. 2007
By Matti Naskali