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Getting Shaken renewed in Tokyo
Just got Shaken renewed today, April 9th 2007 :-)
I booked the inspection time on April 05 via internet. Here are some screenshots of the process.

Click here the middle one of the 3 buttons

Left one of the 2 buttons

Click the Tokyo area on map

Tokyo Shaken office just after the middle of the list

Select the day and round, day is diveded in four rounds.

I selected Monday, 1st round, and there was no line that time.

Type the 4 digits of the bike number plate and pin code, so you can cancel or change your booking in web later on.


By calling 050-5540-2130 the booking should be also possible. The number has recently changed.

I booked: April 9, 1st round

April 7. I Adjusted the valves, checked tire pressure, etc. maintenance.

In the morning April 9. I went to the Shaken office:
First to the building C, counter 15. Ask them to the scribing service, i.e. to fill the papers, fee 1300 JPY. Jibaiseki hoken, mandatory insurance 20 240 JPY). At the close by counter, C 13, weight tax and inspection fee, 5 000 JPY and 1 400 JPY. Building A, F2, counter 6 to get the papers.

Total 27940 JPY.

With the bounce of papers move the bike to course 2, behind the hall. Good to have a writing board with clamp to keep all the papers together while moving the bike. There was no line and soon I was called in by a polite hand wave. The inspection took 5 to 10 minutes.

The inspected items:
- 1st stop. Lights, high and low, winkers, horn, braking light from front and read brake.
- 2nd stop. Speed meter at 40 km/h rolling. Rolling with free wheel, then break. Front and rear.
- 3rd stop. Light alignment with light on High.
- 4th stop. Exhaust from the left silence.

I didn't notice who checked the service record, but the Excel sheet was bound to other papers with paper clamp, so I assume it was the Excel sheet, that was take into account.
Excel Sheet of Service Safety Book

Then back to the building A 2F, counter #6 to get the new sticker and new print of the register paper.

The documents needed to be prepared:
- Registration print
- Receipt of the city tax from May
- Inspection Service Record
- I also carried the old mandatory insurance and my current voluntary insurance



09.Apr. 2007
By Matti Naskali