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The challenges of using a solar mobile while camping

If there’s one occasion you’d expect a solar powered phone to be useful it would be camping. To test this assumption, we gave Aino Aaltonen a Lokki prototype when she attended the world’s largest scout Jamboree in Sweden. After an…

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Hiking the Arctic Highlands with a solar powered mobile

The Arctic Char is one of Norway’s most appreciated fish. Not only is it very tasty, but it’s also well known for putting up an epic struggle. It’s this combination of attributes, which made Esa Karpoff, one of our Lokki…

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Sailing the Baltic Sea with a solar powered mobile phone

If you’re into sailing, you might have recently read about the MS Tûranor, the world’s biggest solar powered boat. The name, from a language in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, means “the Power of the Sun”. Apt when you…

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Trekking in the Arctic wilderness with a solar powered phone

With a population of just 184 000 people, or just two people per square kilometer, Finnish Lapland is one of the least densely populated places in the world. If, then, your job involves spending days in the wilderness, you want…

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Listening to football on a solar powered mobile

Kenya has 16.5 million mobile phone users. Yet only 15% of the population have regular access to electricity. These two facts alone make Kenya the ideal place for an affordable solar powered mobile phone, which is why we’ve been keenly…

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Why Kenya is the perfect place for a solar powered mobile phone

Our Kenyan tester, Amos Omondi, has now been making the most of Lokki, our solar powered mobile phone prototype, for the last couple of weeks. We’re especially keen to see how Lokki fares in this East African nation because the…

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Ilkka’s first report from the Arctic Circle

I started to walk around with the phone hanging around my neck on June 14th. In the afternoon I did some jobs outside and later at home I cleaned the yard. The weather at the time was partly cloudy, but the battery seemed to charge at least periodically.

On June 15th I was working in the forest near Pulmankijärvi throughout the day, the weather was sunny and the charging light frequently flashed. However, to get the charging light to strongly flash, I needed to point the solar panel directly at the sun. Even when the sun came slightly from the side it didn’t seem to give much charging power.

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