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A sunny forecast: 5 reasons why the future will be solar powered

Despite its huge potential, solar power currently only accounts for a meager 0.02% of the world’s energy needs. This figure sounds disappointing, especially when you learn that solar panels were first invented already way back in 1883. Nonetheless, we’re confident…

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Meet the man who invented Nokia’s solar mobile prototype

Solar power has fascinated some of the world’s greatest inventors for centuries. In the 1515, Leonardo De Vinci developed the first industrial use for solar energy utilising concave mirrors to heat water. Four hundred years later, Albert Einstein won his…

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A closer look at the technology powering Nokia’s solar mobile phone

Charles Fritt, an American inventor, is credited with creating the first working solar panel way back in 1883. He coated the semiconductor material selenium with an extremely thin layer of gold, creating a panel with just 1% efficiency. Things have come…

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Why’s it so challenging to make a solar powered mobile phone?

The sun has been used to power gadgets ever since 1834 when British astronomer Sir John Herschel invented a solar thermal collector box to cook food during an expedition to South Africa. Why then, after nearly two centuries, are we…

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Everything you need to know about solar power

In the last couple of weeks we’ve been busy bathing in the glorious summer sunshine. But the sun isn’t just great for tanning. It’s a big ball of potential power too. Amazingly, it produces enough energy in one second to meet the needs of the entire earth for 500 000 years. Efforts to tap into this amazing power source have caused the solar power industry to blossom in the last few decades. Now solar power is hotter than ever. So, what better time to tell you everything you need to know about solar.

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