Aino Aaltonen

Name: Aino Aaltonen

Age: 16

Occupation: Student

How and where are you going to use the test device? In a scout camp in Sweden during July-August and during the trip to the camp and back to Finland.

Expectations for the project: I’m excited about the project because in the camp there are no opportunities to charge a mobile phone. So without this project I wouldn’t be able to use a phone almost at all.

Is mobile phone charging an issue usually for you? Not usually, but it’s an issue when hiking in the forests and during scout camps, which is several times a year. When hiking there is no electricity and on bigger camps electricity for mobile phone charging is just not available, although there usually is electricity available for support functions like keeping the food cold.

Where the test will be held? The 22nd World Scout Jamboree takes place in in Rinkaby, Sweden between July 27th and August 7th 2011. Over 38 000 participants from all over the world gather in a tented city for two weeks. 1 400 scouts from Finland are attending the event and you can learn more from them on the Finnish team web site.