Amos Omondi

Amos Omondi
Name: Amos Omondi

Age: 33

Occupation: Security guard

How and where are you going to use the test device? In my daily life, both at work and at home and when I go to visit family in the countryside where I was born.

Expectations for the project? To be able to access the Internet especially Facebook. Since getting the phone I’ve also opened an Ovi mail account. I mainly used my previous phone for calls and listening to the radio. Although it was internet enabled, the memory was too small and so many things could not be viewed clearly.

Is mobile phone charging an issue usually for you? It can be. It’s hard to find that the power has died because even at one bar, I can still listen to the radio until I reach home or where I can charge. When I go to the countryside, the power usage is high because network is poor so the phone needs to search for a signal.

Where the test will be held? In Nairobi and in Rarieda, a constituency in Western Kenya.