Ilkka Syvänperä

Ilkka SyvänperäName: Ilkka Syvänperä

Age: 40

Occupation: Research technician at The Kevo Research Station in Utsjoki, Finland

How and where are you going to use the test device? I have the device with me most of the time – in a backpack or hanging on a neck strap at work. I also have it with me on my time off work, usually outdoors.

Expectations for the project? I really look forward to the results. Out here in Lapland we really could use a mobile phone that could rely on solar charging. This of course applies only to summer time, since in winter we don’t get that much sun.

Is mobile phone charging an issue usually for you? No, not really. When I’m out in the wilderness I have mobile phone with me mostly for possible emergency situations, but usually I keep it off so the battery doesn’t run out. If I need to make a call, then I have to get up on the hills to get better reception. In winter I can charge my mobile phone off from my snowmobile’s battery.