Esa Karpoff

Esa KarpoffName: Esa Karpoff

Age: 54

Occupation: Field Master

How and where are you going to use the test device? My work takes me off the road, and my free time even more so. When I have free time in the summer, I fish for salmon, trout and Arctic charr. My phone utilization is 90% making calls, and the remaining 10% picture and text messages. I seldom use e-mails. Additional functions are merely burdens that unnecessarily add energy consumption, when moving on the “dangerous waters”.

Expectations for the project? For me, access to electricity is difficult. Therefore, I want to see how effective solar power is for a mobile phone. Plus, I’m curious to see if the transmission and reception power is suitable for extreme distances.

Is mobile phone charging an issue usually for you? To have a phone charged at all times is essential for my life. The phone for me, and for the people I’m with, is vital because sometimes there is no other connection to the civilization.

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