Ever wondered whether it’s possible to power a mobile phone solely from the sun’s rays? We’ve given specially designed technology to an intrepid bunch of volunteers to answer this and many other questions.

About the project

Our goals

The Nokia Solar Charging Project is a research project with a difference. We’re going to try and answer some fundamental questions about how viable and easy it is to charge mobile phones solely using solar power. What’s more, we’re going to do it in a way that shows you how we work to develop new ideas. This project is all part of our continuous search for energy efficiency and more sustainable alternatives as well as finding solutions to help those of us who live in parts of the world where you can’t just plug in and load up on electricity.

Our testers

We’ve got together a great group of people living and traveling in a diverse range of locations to help. Thanks to them, we’ll be able to see how solar charging works in different scenarios, from sailing across the Baltic Sea to camping in a Swedish forest. We’ll get an insight into their efforts from a diverse range of global locations, too. From above the Arctic Circle, where the sun doesn’t set for the next three months, to Kenya where access to electricity and charging a mobile phone can be a daily challenge.

Our technology

Our testers will be using specially created mobile phones prototypes, nicknamed Lokki. The small solar charging panels developed for this project have been integrated to Nokia C1-02 devices, while a data logger will report the harvested solar energy. As the weeks go past, we’ll blogging in more detail about how it works, who built it and what it can do.

Our hopes

We’ve got three months, from June 2011 until the end of September 2011, to find out more than ever before about mobile solar power. But we’re also keen to find out more from you, our readers. We want to hear your feedback and learn about your expectations when it comes to mobile solar charging. Together, we’ll see what solar charging technology is capable of today, and get a tantalizing taste of what it might be like tomorrow.

And remember, if you have any questions, opinions or advice, don’t be shy. Please do share them all.