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Mountain Fuji seen from Yamanakako October 2014.

Some achievements while working in Arco Tower

Fuel Cell powered headset.
"Charged" in few seconds by squeezing in some methanol. Introduced in Nokia Connection 2004 conference.
Data Logging Solar Phone.
Collected real life solar data off the power grid in Utsjoki with 24 hours midsummer sunlight, Nairobi with no shadow at noon, and several locations between. Published on time in Nokia Conversation.
Flexible Solar Charger.
Powerfull and simple solar charger for users with limited access to power. Published in Nokia Conversations, and test marketed in Kenya and Nigeria.
Wireless Hook Charger.
A way to get rid of all the cables, including AC cable.
Published in several documents, e.g. WO2005041381.
Kinetic energy harvesting.
At least Motorcycle vibrations are generating some power to a kinetic energy harvester.
Published in several documents, e.g. WO2010049749.

at Tespack

Updated on 25. Apr. 2016
By Matti Naskali
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